Day 5 + 6

Days 5 + 6 of:

  • No Wheat
  • No Alcohol
  • No Dairy
  • No Processed foods
  • No Sugar

Day 5:  Woke up feeling nice and energized.  That might be my favorite thing about this re-set so far.  When my alarm goes off at 5:45am, I’m not hating life.  I actually feel ready to get the day going.  I’m sure cutting out alcohol, sugar, processed foods, has tons to do with my high energy.  I feel great!  On the weight loss front I was down another 0.2 pounds.  Slow & steady wins the race! Been sticking to the same blueberry breakfast smoothie because it really works for me.  It is delicious and tides me over perfectly until lunch.  No crazy cravings today.  Everything felt easy.  Maybe the hardest part is behind me? yay!

Day 6:  Dropped another 0.2 pounds.  My 5 day total weight loss is 1.4 pounds.  Still feeling great when I’m waking up each morning.  No achey stomach from something I ate the night before. I don’t feel bloated, I’m not gassy, I’m super regular (let’s keep it real, being regular is important!).  I actually thought to myself…I wonder if I should keep this up past Valentine’s day??  The reason I was stopping at 20 days vs. 21 or even 30 days is because I want to pop a bottle of champagne with my hubby on V-day and have an un-restricted meal!  Maybe a baguette with brie?!?!  We’ll shall see what I decide, I still have 14 days to go…

Okay ↑↑ What I wrote above about wondering if I should keep this up past Valentine’s day was this morning. Now it’s 5:54pm on Friday night and I’m itching for my ‘TGIF-Happy-Hour-celebratory-I-survived-the-week-cocktail’ (insert dramatic face here).  I’m going to drink my lemon water and go to the gym to distract myself.  I guess the “easy part” is NOT behind me. But I am determined.

Happy Friday babes!

XO, Siobain


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