Rosemary Roasted Spiralized Spuds

Clovers & Kale - Spiralized Gold Potatoes - Recipe

This is such a simple side dish (or snacky snack).  I roast potatoes about 1x a week, it’s just too easy and delish. I mix it up by the way I cut the potatoes: spiralizing, mandolining, cutting in circles, cutting like steak fries….whatever I feel like! My favorite part is, no matter what shape I cut them into, they are great leftovers. They make for a great breakfast “hash” the next morning, or I can easily reheat/brown them in a fry pan to serve in my buddha bowl lunch.

Today we Spiralize Spuds.

With my Paderno 4 Blade Spiralizer doing most of the work, they look so fancy! (psssst, fancy doesn’t always have to mean hours of work!)

Look how easy this is.

Organic Gold Potatoes - Clovers & Kale - Recipe

Please excuse my shoddy cell phone pics…

Paderno 4 Blade Spiralizer - Clovers & Kale - Spiralized Gold Potatoes

Easy breezy!

Spiralizing Gold Potaotes - Rosemary Roasted Spiralized Spuds - Clovers & Kale


  • Potatoes (I used these cute gold potatoes from TJ’s! but any kind will do)
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Avocado Oil (or whatever kind of Oil you like—or be oil-free if that’s your preference)
  • Salt & Pepper, to taste

Clovers & Kale - Recipe - Rosemary Roasted Spiralized Spuds

A new twist on “golden delicious”


  1. Preheat Oven to 425º F
  2. Spread Potatoes on Parchment lined baking sheet.
  3. Drizzle with Oil.
  4. Tuck Rosemary sprigs in-between the spirals.***
  5. Salt & Pepper your spuds.
  6. Cover with Foil (to steam bath the beautiful flavor out of the rosemary)
  7. Roast in oven for 30 mins, then, remove the foil, flip the potatoes with tongs and continue to roast uncovered for an additional 15-30 minutes.  I like mine chewy and crispy! So that means they are typically in the oven for 1 hour.

Serve with a yummy protein and a green salad or vegetable and you are GOLDEN. Pun intended.





Sometimes I’m lazy and it’s too much work stripping the rosemary leaves off their stem. Also, sometimes Rosemary gets “burnt” or at least “overcooked” and it’s gross (in my opinion).  It can be tedious picking out individual leaves from the cooked potatoes if they get burnt. That’s why I started leaving it on the stem. So much faster, and the “steaming” with the tin foil TOTALLY works and infuses the spuds with the flavor of rosemary. Hope that makes sense!

Herb Roasted Parsnips & Carrots

This dish was my Thanksgiving contribution.  Everyone from my 1 year old cousin to my 90 year old grandfather LOVED this dish.  It will be playing on repeat all winter in our house. So simple. So Yum.

Parsnips: contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals & nutrients, including dietary fiber, folate, potassium and vitamin C. read more here


  • 1 pound of Parsnips
  • 1 pound of Carrots (I used Rainbow Carrots)
  • Fresh Herbs: Thyme, Rosemary, Sage (I used all 3!)
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt & Pepper (optional)

Serves 6

First we are starting with our Herb infused Olive Oil.  I used fresh Thyme, Rosemary and Sage. Wash your herbs well.  Take the leaves off the stems and place in a small bowl.

Clovers & Kale - Herb Infused Olive Oil - Recipe


Pour your favorite Olive Oil over the fresh herbs and let it marinate.  I let mine sit for 6 hours before pouring over my root veggies.  Ideally, I’d let it sit for 24 hours (and mix it, muddle the herbs a few times to extract more flavor into the oil).


Herb Infused Olive Oil - Clovers & Kale


Scrub or peel your parsnips & cut them into sticks, or rounds.  I cut mine into sticks.


Parsnips - Clovers & Kale


Set your parsnips aside in a large mixing bowl.


Parsnips - Roasted Winter Root Vegetables - Parsnips & Carrots - Clovers & Kale


Wash, scrub or peel your carrots.  Cut into rounds or sticks.  I cut mine into sticks to match the parsnips.

Place your carrots in the bowl with the Parsnips.


Parsnips & Carrots - Recipe - Clovers & Kale


Time to pull out your herby Olive Oil!  Pour it over your raw carrots and parsnips.




Such cheerful colors! Healthy and Delicious!


Instructions - Recipes - Herb Roasted - Parsnips & Carrots - Clovers & Kale


Spread Parsnips and Carrots on a baking sheet.

Season with Salt & Pepper (optional).


Easy Roasted Parsnips & Rainbow Carrots


Bake in Pre-heated oven 425° for 30-40 mins.  Stir/flip veggies halfway through roasting.


Herb Roasted Parsnips & Carrots - Clovers & Kale

Best served warm.  Great dish because it can be made in advance and re-heated right before serving.

Enjoy this recipe.  Sometimes, the simpler…the better.



Konjac Sponge

Konjac Sponge - Clovers & Kale - Natural Beauty


You guys. This rock / pumice / avocado shaped / styrofoam / looking thing is my new favorite beauty product. And of course, it’s au natural!

What is a Konjac Sponge?

It’s a highly renewable perennial root plant (perennial = it lives longer than 1 season, or 1 year). It’s comprised of mostly starch (like a potato). Konjac grows in warm subtropical to tropical climates (think Japan, Korea, China & Indonesia).  Konjac has been known in Japan since the sixth century as a medicinal food, and it has been eaten for 1500 years! My favorite fact is that it can be used as a vegan substitute for gelatin!!

How to use it:


  1. Wet the sponge completely.  This takes a minute…Don’t just get it partially wet, get it soaked!
  2. Massage face with sponge in a circular motion.  If I haven’t worn any makeup, I just use the sponge only to clean my face. Otherwise, I’ll put a bit of my facial cleanser on the sponge after it’s soaked with water.
  3. When you’re done, simply rinse the sponge with water and lay it flat to air dry.  Replace sponge every 1-2 months.

When you wet the sponge and put it to your face, it feels like it has gel on it!! So bizarre.

Ditch the washcloth & harsh facial scrub!  Spend $6-$20 and get yourself a Konjac. My face gets a deeper clean and feels so smooth and refreshed after using my Konjac. It’s so gentle, I can use it morning and night. I really appreciate this because my regular cleanser isn’t quite enough and using a wash cloth is just a bit too rough to use daily. I have an awesome (expensive) exfoliating facial scrub that I use 1-2x a week, but it’s not something that should be used daily. This sponge is the greatest!!

There are Konjac’s for sensitive skin.  They are normally white/tan colored.  Mine is gray because it has bamboo charcoal, which contains activated carbon, minerals, and antioxidants that fight blemish causing bacteria.

Also, I recommend getting a larger one for your body too!!

You can find these sponges at the RiteAid, Target, Ulta, Sephora, and of course, on Amazon

Have a beautiful weekend babes!





Raw Corn + Arugula Salad

Corn + Arugula - Salad Recipe - Clovers & Kale - 6 ingredient Salad

This recipe is inspired by Whole Food’s Market “Corn and Arugula Salad” I love it so much I don’t mind paying $7.99 per pound. BUT. It’s so easy to make…let’s not get too lazy. Perfect salad on pizza night, or for a BBQ side dish, even as part of your Thanksgiving or Easter Feast. I like my version a little better than WF’s because I add extra arugula!

Ingredients (Serves 4-6):

  • 6 Corn on cob, (I recommend using sweet corn)
  • 1/2 Medium Red Onion, sliced thin (use more if you’d like)
  • 5-10 oz Fresh Baby Arugula (all based on how hungry you are!)
  • 6 sprigs of thyme leaves, finely chopped


  • 1/2 Cup Olive Oil
  • 1/2 Cup White Wine Vinegar
  • Salt and Pepper, to taste

Corn + Arugula - Salad Recipe - Clovers & Kale - Summer Salad



  1. Mix all dressing ingredients together and set aside.
  2. Wash and spin dry your Baby Arugula.

Clovers & Kale - Pesto - Arugula - Recipe

3. Cut the corn from the cob (Leave it raw!) and place in bowl with Arugula.

4. Thinly slice your onion and add it to Arugula and corn.

5. Remove Thyme leaves from stems, chop them up, and add to salad.


6. Drizzle dressing over salad right before serving. Mix well.

Enjoy! I could eat this every day, all summer long!

Corn + Arugula - Salad Recipe - Clovers & Kale

Raw Corn + Arugula - Salad Recipe - Clovers & Kale


Herbal Coconut Water

It is so important to drink plenty of water.  Sometimes people get bored of “plain” water. Instead of turning to sugary juice or artificial powders to sweeten or flavor your water, consider using fresh herbs!  So beautiful, with tons of health benefits.

I used mint, lemongrass, dill, and rosemary to flavor coconut water! Think of it as fancy gatorade (sans the nasty crap actually in gatorade)!

Mint: a natural stimulant, good relaxant, relieves congestion, cools and soothes throat, aids in nausea, soothes stomach indigestion, increases alertness, and activates the salivary glands in our mouth as well as glands which secrete digestive enzymes which facilitates digestion.

Lemongrass: used for treating digestive tract spasms, stomachache, high blood pressure, pain, vomiting, cough, achy joints (rheumatism), fever, the common cold, and tiredness.

Dill: high in calcium, protects against free radicals and carcinogens, anti-bacterial.

Rosemary: powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, strengthens immune system, increases circulation, aids digestion, boosts concentration & memory, mild diuretic, bye-bye bloat!

Clovers & Kale - Summer Water - Herbs

Rinse your herbs before you use them.

Fill your pitcher with your desired herbal beverage starter.  I used coconut water.  Other ideas are water, sparkling water, tea, lemonade, etc..

Using your paws (aka hands), crush the herbs to help release their natural flavors. Then put them in your pitcher. Stir vigorously.

Clovers & Kale - Herbal Coconut Water

Place pitcher in the fridge to chill out. I left mine overnight to really marinate.  For the love of pretty, I garnished mine with fresh marigolds.

For a different flavor profile, add fresh berries, cucumber slices, citrus – get creative!

Clovers & Kale - Summer Water - Herbal Beverage - Edible Flowers
You can keep your beverage in the refrigerator up to one week.  When mine was almost gone, I added more coconut water.  It wasn’t as strong as the first round (obviously), but it was still lovely.



Super Refreshing ‘Watermelon Chia Fresca’

Nothing says summer like Watermelon! This is the most refreshing drink I’ve had in a long time.  I went to the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening and tasted delicious watermelon juice that had chia seeds in it.  I knew it was something I could easily make at home with the mini watermelon I had in my refridgerator. So here’s my go at it! I must say, it is incredible!  I drank it all and I want more! Hope you enjoy!

Clovers & Kale - Watermelon Chia Fresca - RecipeIngredients:
1 mini organic watermelon
3 sprigs of mint leaves
juice from 1 lime
3-4 tablespoons of organic chia seeds

Clovers & Kale - Organic Mini Watermelon - Fresca


Slice the watermelon in half and remove the “meat” from it.  I used a big spoon.

Clovers & Kale - Mini Watermelon - Fresca

So yummy, I was tempted to ‘forget the juice’ and just eat this all up.

Clovers & Kale - Watermelon - Fresca

Juice the watermelon and place in a pitcher.  Save the beautiful pulp from the juicer and freeze in ice cube trays for smoothies later in the week. (If you don’t own a juicer, you can freeze the watermelon, and make more of a smoothie than a juice, by blending the ingredients in your blender.)

Clovers & Kale - Watermelon Fresca - No Waste - Pulp Ice cubes

Chop the mint and add it the the pitcher of watermelon juice.

Clovers & Kale - Mint - Watermelon Fresca - Recipe

Squeeze the lime into the pitcher.

Clovers & Kale - Lime - Chia - Watermelon Fresca

Stir in the chia seeds.

Clovers & Kale - Chia Seed - Watermelon Fresca

Most of you know by now that Chia Seeds are one of my favorite additions to smoothies, juices, yogurt, salads, almost anything! They are a nutrient powerhouse! 2 Tablespoons provide 8 grams of dietary fiber and 4 grams of Omega-3 fatty acid (ALA) 15% Daily Value of Calcium and 10% Daily Value of Iron. So happy that Trader Joe’s started carrying USDA Certified Organic Chia Seed!

Clovers & Kale - Chia Seeds - Watermelon Fresca

So pretty!

Clovers & Kale - Recipe - Watermelon Chia Agua Fresca

It’s tempting to want to drink it all right away! But it gets better when the mint and lime sit for a bit.

Clovers & Kale - Watermelon Fresca

Stir Mixture Well and allow  to marinate and chill in the fridge for a few hours (I left it overnight).




Nutritional Yeast = Bomb dot com

Last night I posted a pic of my dinner (sprinkled with Nutritional Yeast) on Instagram.

I promised a blog post on why I heart NY.

Here it is.

Clovers & Kale - Nutritional Yeast - Health Benefits

I’ve been a vegetarian for about 18 years! (and my Dad thought it was a “high school phase”) I have only recently discovered the magic that is Nutritional Yeast (aka, magical flakes that vegans and veggies fiend for). The first time I heard about it I was thinking, “ew, sounds nasty” Sprinkling yeast over food?! Who does that?! Sounds beyond unappetizing. Then I ate the popcorn my friend handed me that was covered in Nutritional Yeast, and when I got home, I did a bit more research.

Clovers & Kale - Bragg - Nutritional Yeast

What the heck is Nutritional Yeast?

Nutritional yeast is a “seasoning” that looks like yellow flakes, to be honest…I think it looks like fish food! You can find in natural foods markets like Sprouts and Whole Foods (I’ve also seen it on the shelves at Ralphs grocery store). These yellow flakes are a pure strain of yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In the same family as edible mushrooms, yeast has been used in food and beverage production for more than 5,000 years.

Each batch of nutritional yeast is grown on a mixture of cane and beet molasses for a period of seven days. B-vitamins are added during the process to provide the yeast with the nutrients it needs to grow. When harvested, the yeast is washed, pasteurized, and dried on roller drum dryers before it is ready for market. It is then used by food manufacturers in food products, added to boost the nutrient levels in pet foods, and simply packaged for sale in natural foods stores.

Is Nutritional Yeast “alive” like in baking yeast?

No. Nutritional Yeast is an inactive yeast. It does not have fermenting power (like yeast for brewing beer or baking bread). One reason I use Bragg Premium Nutritional Yeast Seasoning is because it is guaranteed to not contain Candida albicans yeast.

What are health benefits of eating Nutritional Yeast?

It is a good source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B-12 is ESSENTIAL for construction and regeneration of red blood cells, food metabolism, and maintaining a healthy nervous system. Many of us Vegetarians and Vegans do not get enough B-12 in our diets because it’s not found naturally in plant foods (only animal foods). Just one Tablespoon of NY provides 40% of the Daily Value (DV) for Vitamin B-12. Additionally, it’s good source of B-Complex vitamins Thiamin (B1) (180% DV per serving), Riboflavin (B2) (160% DV per serving), Niacin (B3) (70% DV per serving), Pyridoxine (B6) (140% DV per serving), Folic Acid (40% DV per serving) and Pantothenic Acid (30% DV per serving). As a rich source of Folic Acid, it is an ideal food for pregnant women to include in their diet. It is also a source for of zinc and selenium. Nutritional yeast is a complete protein! That means that out of the 18 amino acids, it contains the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce.

Love this article about Nutritional Yeast with links to a few yummy recipes from The Huffington Post

What is your fave way to use NY? I’d LOVE to know.

It’s Friday Junior (aka Thursday!) cheers sweet loves!



Pasta Night! Summer Vegetable Fusilli


Vegetable Fusilli - Gluten Free - Clovers & Kale - Summer Recipe

Sometimes you just need a good ol’ pasta night! I don’t know how Paleo’s do without it! (I’m certain they eat it when we’re not looking). Loving this gluten free fusilli from Trader Joe’s! Seriously, couldn’t even taste that it’s gluten free.  Even though it’s pasta night, think more vegetables, less pasta.  1 part pasta, 3 parts veggies to keep it lean, clean and green! Wink wink.

Vegetable Fusilli - Gluten Free - Clovers & Kale - Trader Joes Organic Brown Rice & Quinoa Fusilli Pasta


  • Trader Joes Organic Brown Rice & Quinoa Fusilli Pasta
  • Broccoli, cut bit size
  • Grape Tomatoes, cut in half
  • Sundried Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Parsley, chopped
  • garlic, minced
  • Olive Oil


Cook pasta following the directions on the bag. Set aside.
Vegetable Fusilli - Gluten Free - Clovers & Kale - cooked pasta


In a large skillet, sauté garlic in a bit of oil. Don’t be shy with the garlic, it’s adding most of the flavor in this simple pasta.


Vegetable Fusilli - Gluten Free - Clovers & Kale - Sauteed Garlic


Add broccoli and grape tomatoes and continue to sauté. Add a few Tablespoons of water if you’d like the broccoli to steam a bit.


Vegetable Fusilli - Gluten Free - Clovers & Kale - Broccoli + Grape Tomatoes


Once garlic, broccoli, and tomatoes are sautéed as desired, add the spinach, pasta, sundried tomatoes, and parsley. Sauté for a few more minutes.


Vegetable Fusilli - Gluten Free - Clovers & Kale


Before serving, season with a good olive oil. I use Nuvo Olive Oil.


Vegetable Fusilli - Gluten Free - Clovers & Kale - Recipe


Other seasoning ideas: red pepper flakes, fresh shaved parmesan, salt & pepper, goat cheese


Don’t forget to tag me in your @cloversandkale creations on Instagram!




¡Fiesta Fiesta! Superfood Enslada

I’m studying for finals today–so I need brain food!! Plus, I needed a break from the books…so I stepped into the kitchen and concocted this pretty little mess.

Quinoa - Superfood Salad - Clovers & Kale - Recipe


  • Rainbow Quinoa, cooked (I use this kind)
  • Baby Spinach
  • Mixed baby greens
  • Cabbage, finely sliced
  • Jicama, cubed
  • Persian cucumber, sliced
  • Sweet Peppers, sliced
  • Cilantro, chopped
  • Green Onions, chopped

Topped with

  • Avocado, cubed or sliced
  • Seapoint Farms – Dry Roasted Edamame – Berry Blend

This is my new favorite way to add “crunch” to my #salad! 🌱 Dry Roasted Edamame snacks are high in protein + fiber! #winning Today I jazzed up my greens with their “Berry Blend” featuring: gmo-free edamame, cranberries, almonds & pumpkin seeds!

Qunioa Superfoods Salad - Clovers & Kale - Sea Point Farms

The Dressing:

Lemon Vinaigrette: 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 2 lemons) + 1/2 cup of olive oil + salt and pepper to taste

Quinoa Superfood Salad - Clovers & Kale - Recipe

Eat the Rainbow.

Qunioa Salad - Clovers & Kale - Recipe

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”

~ Anthelme Brillat Savarin



Oven Roasted Zucchini sticks + Tomato Sauce


This is a very easy + healthy side dish.  It can be made vegan by omitting the parmesan cheese.

zucchini sticks - recipe - Clovers & Kale

Serves 1 or 2 depending on how hungry you are.  I ate this all by myself!


  • 2 zucchini, cut into sticks
  • 1/2 cup of tomato basil sauce, or your favorite spaghetti sauce
  • optional: 2 Tablespoons of freshly shaved parmesan cheese
  • 2 Tablespoons of oil: avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil—pick one
  • salt + pepper, to taste


Pre-heat oven to 450° F

Zucchini - Oven Roasted - Clovers & Kale

Cut zucchini into sticks and place on baking sheet, drizzle with oil, salt + pepper.

Oven Roasted Zucchini - Clovers & Kale

Bake 15-20 minutes.  I used kitchen tongs to flip zucchini sticks after first 10 minutes of roasting.

Oven Roasted Zucchini - Clovers & Kale

Heat tomato sauce on stovetop.

Tomato Basil Sauce - Oven Roasted Zucchini Sticks - Clovers & Kale

Place zucchini sticks on serving dish.

roasted zucchini sticks - clovers & kale

Using a spoon, pour the tomato sauce on-top of the roasted zucchini.

Vegan roasted Zucchini Sticks - Clovers & Kale

Optional: sprinkle with shaved parmesan.

Roasted Zucchini sticks - Tomato Sauce - Parmesan - Clovers & Kale


Roasted Zucchini Sticks with Tomato + Parmesan - Recipe - Clovers & Kale

Happy Meatless Monday!